Gyro World - A Modern Greek Eatery in Flushing, Queens, New York
194-21 NORTHERN BOULEVARD · FLUSHING, NY 11358 · 718.428.3800

In 2005 Gyro World opened it's doors on Northern Boulevard and 195th Street, the outskirts of Flushing bordering Bayside of Queens, New York. Whoever has had the pleasure of walking through these doors understands this is where you can enjoy an unforgettable combination of authentic Greek cuisine, warm Greek hospitality, inviting atmosphere, friendly service, and affordable prices, with an emphasis on freshness and simplicity. Our niche has always been Fast Casual Greek Cuisine. That means authentic Greek fast food made with fresh ingredients and simple tastes. We were determined to bring to Queens quality Greek fast food that has disappeared from Athens. We pride ourselves in making all of our Greek specialties on premises and never buying frozen ingredients.

Thanks to our loyal customers, Gyro World expanded in 2011 and we added a larger dining area as well as space for private events and parties.

If you have not yet dined with us we invite you to visit us with your friends and see just what we are all about. You will enjoy the last bite of your meal every bit as much as the first.

Wish we could wrap this up and put it under the tree.

20 Dec

What do you look forward to most about the holidays?

19 Dec

True or false: you always know what you're going to order when you come to see us.

11 Dec

Who's hungry? #greekgyro #gyro #greek #food #foodporn #instagold #gyroworld #bayside #queens #flushing #yummy #loveit #eatit

11 Dec

Who's hungry? #greekgyro #gyro #greek #food #foodporn #instagold #gyroworld #bayside #queens #flushing #yummy #loveit #eatit

11 Dec

Make your holiday party this year gyro-tastic. Host your unique party here with us!

09 Dec

We did a study, and the results are in: The best days to come see us end in "Y".

06 Dec

Come and get them!!!

06 Dec

Our Greek American Calendars for 2015 are in! Stop by or get a delivery to get one while supplies last!! :)

05 Dec

We love letting our fans do the talking! Reply here with your feedback, and we may feature it as a testimonial on our social media profiles!

05 Dec

Leftovers are overrated.

01 Dec

Small business, big flavor.

29 Nov

Today's the only day we choose turkey over gyros. We'll be back open tomorrow! Love you all!

27 Nov

Yessss. #instagood #eatgreek #gyroworld @gyroworld #foodporn

23 Nov

Feast mode activated.

22 Nov

Best view in Queens.

15 Nov

Gyro World changed their profile picture.

13 Nov

Since 2005, there's been nothin' we love more than servin' you authentic Greek cuisine. Appreciate all the love and support!

12 Nov

Gyro World updated their cover photo.

11 Nov

Those Brooklyn Nets though.

07 Nov

Halloween was funnnnn! :)

04 Nov

Pork Souvlaki or Chicken Souvlaki?

29 Oct Weekend!

25 Oct

This definitely requires a share... :(

17 Oct

Tzatziki and Pita.

16 Oct

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15 Oct

Don't forget we have event space for any occasion and will cater any event! #fullservice :)

14 Oct

That Bifteki though...

15 Sep

Where would you like to see another Gyro World? Astoria, New York? Nassau County, New York? Brooklyn? Give us your thoughts!

10 Sep

Back from vacation? Who wants to cook now, come by for some take out!

06 Sep