Gyro World - A Modern Greek Eatery in Flushing, Queens, New York
194-21 NORTHERN BOULEVARD · FLUSHING, NY 11358 · 718.428.3800
66-57 FRESH POND ROAD· RIDEGEWOOD, NY 11385 · 718.366.4976

In 2005, the first Gyro World opened it's doors on Northern Boulevard and 195th Street, the outskirts of Flushing bordering Bayside of Queens, New York. Whoever has had the pleasure of walking through these doors understands this is where you can enjoy an unforgettable combination of authentic Greek cuisine, warm Greek hospitality, inviting atmosphere, friendly service, and affordable prices, with an emphasis on freshness and simplicity. Our niche has always been Fast Casual Greek Cuisine. That means authentic Greek fast food made with fresh ingredients. We were determined to bring to New York the high quality Greek fast food that has now become scarce even in Athens. We pride ourselves in making all of our Greek specialties on premises and never buying frozen ingredients.

Thanks to our loyal customers, we expanded our Bayside/Flushing location in 2011 and added a larger dining area as well as space for private events and parties. Don't forget that we also cater off premises and no event is too big or too small! We can bring our specialties such as Greek Gyro, Souvlaki, and Bifteki, or we can create a custom menu for your event.

In 2015, we decided it was time to take the next step and opened our Ridgewood location on Fresh Pond Road. If you have not yet dined with us we invite you to visit us with your friends and see just what we are all about. You will enjoy the last bite of your meal every bit as much as the first.

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15 Jun

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Be a Gyro Hero: Know Your Greek Food

16 May

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Our Ridgewood location has an awesome selection of craft beers! Ask about our Instagram Beer Special! #CrazyDonkey #Ridgewood #Bushwick #Beer #CraftBeer #Santorini #SamuelAdams #BrooklynLager #SummerAle #Gyro #GreekFood

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For everyone observing Lent this week, come check out our Lenten Menu! We're also serving Grilled Calamari, Grilled Octopus, Gigantantes Beans, and more at our Flushing Location! Come and check it out!!! #GyroWorld #TheGyroLifeChoseMe #KeepCalmAndEatGyro #Gyro #Calamari #Lent #FoodPorn #Foodie

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The Health Benefits of Eating Mediterranean Food

12 Apr


Two Pork Souvlaki Skewers. More than enough but maybe we'll order two more. 😬 @GyroWorld #FoodPorn #GyroWorld #Gyro #Pita #Tzatziki #Flushing #Bayside #Ridgewood #Glendale #Maspeth #MiddleVillage #Bushwick #Whitestone #NYC #GreekFood #Greek #Souvlaki #Pork #GoodFood #Delicious

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Did you know we cater any size event? This month we catered at the Greek Consulate for their Greek Independence Day event! Contact us for in house caterings as well! #Catering #ItWasLit #Gyro #GreekFood #Souvlaki #Tzatziki #Pita #FoodPorn #NYC #Flushing #Queens #Bayside #Ridgewood #Glendale #Maspeth #Bushwick #Brooklyn

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Gyro World at Gyro World.

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We put you first—that's why our new mobile-friendly site is all about connecting with our fans:

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Date-night gold.

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Leap Day -- otherwise known as an extra day to eat Mediterranean food.

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A little something to get you through those acceptance speeches.

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There's nothing quite as satisfying as that first bite.

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Treat yourself.

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Flushing, will you be our valentine?

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We'd like to think there are love songs written about our fries.

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The only huddle we want to be a part of.

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When your friend says they've never been to our place before.

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Turning hungry people into happy people since 2005.

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Our place: Where you're with friends whether you bring them or not.

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Straight from your dreams and onto your plate.

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See us for tickets.

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There's a time and a place for gyros. (The time is always and the place is at Gyro World.)

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Take some other resolutions off your plate -- we’ve got a good feeling about these.

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If you had to guess, how many of our gyros do you think you had in 2015?

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Season's greetings from our family to yours.

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